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A one-stop solution for your patent research and application process, providing translation services in Chinese, Japanese, and English

Over 14 years of patent translation experience in 3 languages
(English, Japanese, and Chinese)

NIPTA* Grade 1-certified professional patent translators will help our clients prepare patent application translations.

*NIPTA (Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association) Grade 1 is the highest certification level/rating granted to only a limited number of patent translators who have passed the certification exam.


Patent Translatoion

We will help patent your proprietary technology by providing technically and legally accurate translation, searching for relevant applications, and assisting the patent filing through registration.

Technical & Legal Translatoion

We will help your business overcome language barriers by providing high-quality translation of contract documents, white papers, product specifications, and more.

Business & Marketing Translatoion

We will assist your business to expand globally by translating your marketing documents and localizing your websites into multiple languages.

Patent Search & Reporting

We will help your business expand internationally by providing market reports on China and searching for the relevant patents filed in Japan, China, and the United States.

Accurate and legible patent translation provided by NIPTA Grade 1-certified professionals, the highest rating in Japan’s patent translation industry

When filing a patent application in China, Taiwan, or the United States, Japanese companies must submit patent specifications. Patent specification translations require the ability to accurately understand the technical content and the knowledge and experience of patent-related procedures in the respective countries.

IP ADVISORY is operated by a professional translator with extensive corporate experience in the Intellectual Property Division, who has passed the Intellectual Property Translation Proficiency Examination in two categories: English to Japanese and Chinese to Japanese. Currently, there is only one NIPTA* Grade 1-certified trilingual translator in Japan. IP ADVISORY also collaborates with professionals with different expertise backgrounds to ensure quality products for our clients. Our mission is to support your company’s patent prosecution process while understanding the technical details of your patent specifications. We will also ensure the translation conforms to IP systems, making it legible for patent examiners.

In addition to patent translation, IP ADVISORY also provides patent search and market research services. We will assist you with filing patent applications, enforcing patent rights, and identifying technology trends and proprietary technologies of other companies. We accomplish this by preparing an analysis report using data searched from patents filed in Japan, China, and the United States. We can also help your business expand in the Chinese market by providing a market analysis report for a particular region.

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Three Aspects to Consider when Choosing Patent Translation Providers


We offer quality and accuracy combined with the required knowledge and experience necessary for patent translation and search.

Customer-oriented mindset

We possess the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with our customers to provide services tailored to their needs.


We will do our best to provide prompt and flexible services to keep pace with the dynamic global marketplace.

Why choose IP ADVISORY from over 3,000 translation companies?

Our experienced and skilled professionals provide unrivaled work and products

Intellectual property-related practices include patent translation that requires expertise and specialized knowledge. IP ADVISORY’s extensive track record combined with technical knowledge allows us to provide translation conforming to the applicable laws and regulations, including the Patent Act of Japan and other patent-related regulations. Besides translation, we are also here to help you overcome the challenges related to IP-related processes. We stay committed to our customers every step of the way and will assist with any task that may arise throughout the process.

One-stop service for translation in Japanese, Chinese, and English

In today’s global marketplace, more and more companies require translation services between English and Chinese. We provide accurate and equivalent translation that reflect subtle unique nuances of the languages. We can also translate between English and Chinese without translating into Japanese. IP ADVISORY is committed to providing comprehensive services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Improved readability

A quality translation is not supposed to be a direct substitution of words from the original text to another language. We aim to optimize readability and accuracy as if they were written in the target language while still holding the true meaning of the original language.

Maximizing our clients’ value

We offer comprehensive consulting before accepting any work, including patent translation and patent search, so we provide services that meet our clients’ requirements. As we value communication and customer satisfaction throughout the project, we will seek your concurrence on any questions that arise while promptly incorporating your request.





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